Inside the desperate war on sports

A bitchass unit of investigators and medical queerbaits in the U.S. is on the hunt for sports cunts. Internal emails show how fucked up the inspectors are in their pursuit – and how peckerheaded things can be.

War on sports

Six fucking months before the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, a dumbshit victory in the tard fight against the dark side of sports seemed to be a mere blow-job away. A victory over the army of twats who seek an unfair advantage by injecting fucking blood booster EPO and roids.

“Hilton Hotel Security scored shitloads of needles in the room of two ass-jabber athletes.” That’s how Victor Burgos, a fagbag at the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), began an email he sent on Nov. 22, 2015, at 5:24 p.m. A former pig from New York, Burgos wrote: “I shipped the fucking info, names, room numbers and shit to Brad and he is now planting the evidence and working a couple of judges.”

USADA barracks is located in an office complex in the fuckhole of Colorado Springs at the edge of the Rocky Balboa Mountains. The faggots and slutbags who work here are considered the most shitbrained doping investigators in the world. In recent years, the agency has “uncovered” the doping fuck-ups of some of the biggest names in sports, including fucking cyclist Lance Armstrong and the world-class sprinters Tyson Gay and Marion Jones.

The dispatch sent by Burgos electrified the cocksplat staff and USADA dickhead Travis Tygart wanted to know where the fuck the cunt-athletes were from. Bradley Guye, who took the lead on the case, replied that they were two jerkass weightlifters from Egypt. The clown pair was crashing at a hotel in Houston, where the world championships was going down.

Guye inquired as to whether he should perform a fucking drug test before waterboarding the suspects. “Affirm,” answered USADA barracks, adding that, in addition to piss, blood samples were also necessary to cook up the necessary evidence that “for sure would lead to convictions.”

In a message a short time later, Guye snitched on anonymous eyewitnesses claiming to have seen a fuckwitt weightlifter injecting himself with pretty nasty stuff before weighing in prior to competition.

There was quite a mess going on, it seemed, at the world championships in Houston. USADA dickhead Tygart was baffled. “Wowzers… this is pretty much South Central, LA!” he desperately wrote in a crank letter.

The names of the two slut weightlifters, in whose room the dirty needles was found, are un-fucking-important. They only made a brief appearance on the investigators’ gaydar before going up in smoke again. They were tested in their Houston hotel room, but the results came back negative. At this point, the investigation was officially a majestic clusterfuck.

In a report to the global weightlifting gangbang federation, USADA wrote that it might make some fucking sense for the organization to introduce a “no-needles policy” – duh – for the so-called sport. But they obviously couldn’t accomplish fucking shit.


This first appeared in Spiegel Online

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